About The Artist

  The work I make attempts to make critical points about societal forces, and offers an exploration between the individual and the social machine. It seems that too often we are asked to make shallow observations about the deeply complex world we live in, and these shallow observations can cloud the deeper connections in front of us. I hope to encourage viewers to look past those shallow observations and into the deeper complexities of the social machine. 


I make my artwork using any object, material, and media that best serves the message of the piece. Through the familiarity of the material I use and the objects that I produce, I hope to make the work and ideas more accessible to viewers who are subjected to the outcomes of the social machine.


The artwork I produce is not meant to be the end, but the beginning of exposing the deeper complexities of the social machine. The work doesn’t try to provide answers, and while I might not hide my personal views, it is in an attempt to invite questions and discussion, asking for a deeper consideration in what we hold true and are asked to believe.